Twilight Novel Series

Paperback Re-Release

The Twilight Saga is a four–book series released by Little, Brown Books from 2005-2008. Since then, the fan base has fluxuated. However, when the novels were adapted into a five-film series, the story went mainstream and brought a massive influx of intense and loyal fans.

Author Stephanie Meyer announced the release of “Midnight Sun”, the Twilight novel from the main male character’s point of view, would hit the shelves February 1, 2022, along with new editions of the original series.

The refreshed covers were not well recieved. The target audience is very familiar with the original story line and need something fresh to get reinvested. The films offer more graphic material to work with and should be utilized inside and out of these new editions.

My proposed covers are photo–manipulated movie–stills from the opening sequence of the accompanying movie. The inside spreads continue this influnce and add a more personal feel to the story. These novels are told from the point of view of the main character, Bella, a high–schooler who has just moved across the country to a town she hates. Classic teenage angst.