Plants speak to me!

Redesign by:
Felicity Fry
Lindsey Gibson


The FYTA beam is a developing technology meant to turn black thumbs green by connecting your plants to your smartphone so you’ll know when they need more water, nutrients, or a different environment. FYTA was founded in 2018 by Claudia Nassif and Sylvie Basler. They are two passionate plant lovers who failed to find the products and insights they needed to create their own urban jungles at home.

FYTA products are still in the production phase, allowing Lindsey and I to have more creative freedom with the existing brand. The brand currently presents the FYTA beam and accompanying app to be the gentle teacher that helps you keep your plant-babies lush.


Plant People

There are two types of plant owners: those that keep the plants alive, and those that don’t. When we reached out to the plant-lover community, we found that both types were very likely to use this product and enthusiastically supported its fruition.

We sent out a survey and received over 150 responses. We found that those who didn’t currently own plants, wanted to create a jungle, and those who do have plants want more. Both groups had access to bulkier plant-care supplies like containers and light sources but lacked more plant specific items like soil and nutrients.


The biggeset concern plant parents have is lack of clear and concise knowledge. The internet can be an overwhleming sea of conflicting informaton. Plants require specific conditions to flourish and when they falter it can be difficult to diagnose specific issues. Understanding the correct watering schedule, soil type, lighting requirements, environment temperatures, and disease identification is complicated and burdensome.


To effectively teach plant parents about their babies, we will need to create a solution in which users can identify their plants and receive comprehensive care routines. To further refine and personalize these care routines, we must provide a platform for plant parents to connect with each other and create a supportive community for questions and advice on specific situations.

Research – Felicity
UI/UX – Felicity + Lindsey
Illustrated Elements – Felicity

Mobile Conversion – Lindsey
Packaging + Ad – Felicity